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Wellness & Massage

We are so pleased this year, to welcome Steph (from Well House Co), and Michelle's Misty Massage (who although originally from Newcastle, now lives on the Beautiful island of Jersey) to offer each of you (should you fancy it) a special therapy session at the start of each day.

Wellness & Massage will be offered within the forest area near to Roy's Chill Lounge and the Open Air Cinema, close to the campsite and Chateau rooms.

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Hey there, my name is Steph, I am the founder of Well House Co.


Our award nominated company offers fresh, real & alternative health, fitness & wellness experiences for people like us.

Join us on your mat (or towel) with a bottle of water for some late morning mellow, chill, movement and relaxation vibes at Maison D'etre where we deliver a plethora of feel-good stuff to restore your physical, emotional and spiritual self.


We wanted to keep our prices easily affordable, so if you'd like to join us in the Chateau grounds for some fabulous wellness activities each day starting at 12 noon, we can offer you a discounted deal of €30 per person for all 3 days starting Friday 31st May -  paid as cash in advance direct to me. Alternatively or drop in each day of €15 per person will enable you to join in based on how you're feeling each day ;) 

So looking forward to partying with you all at what will be a fabulous 3 days and I hope to see you on your mat with your water bottle soon!

Steph x

Misty's Magic Massage

Hi! I'm Michelle but many of you may already know me as DJ Misty from Jersey, a regular artist on our beloved House Music Radio. 

Indulge in the ultimate festival relaxation experience! 🌟 Misty's on-site shiatsu and magical massages blend rejuvenating techniques to revitalize and reset your body. 
Limited slots available, book now for a blissful escape at the music festival! 🎶💆‍♂️ #FestivalRecharge #MistyMagicMassages
What treatments are on offer??

Shiatsu is a non invasive therapy originating from Japan. It uses a combination of kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques. These gentle techniques aim to reduce tension and re energise the body. Shiatsu works with the body's energy flow, known as Ki or Qi (pronounced chee).

Duration- 10 to 15 min
Cost 10 Euro
What to bring- please wear light clothing eg T-shirt (no shoes or belts worn during the treatment). Please also bring water.
Bespoke ‘Misty Moon Magic Massage’ - using a blend of different massage techniques and a dash of magic.
Bookable in 5 min chunks. 
Minimum of 5mins
Maximum of 30mins 
Treatment cost:
€5 per 5 mins. Maximum €30 for 30 mins 
Treatments pick and mix one or more from: 
Seated neck and shoulders 
Head massage 
Feet & ankles 
Hands and arms

(can bespoke any options individually or combined treatments).

Michelle x

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