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Collaborators & On Site Stalls

We have carefully selected a number of local businesses to offer you further interest at Maison Detre. Some products are available to order prior to the event with a discount code, and some businesses will actually be joining us on site, to offer you their specialised products at set times during the day. Outside these times you will no doubt see our friends on the dancefloors!

See below for all the details of the things on offer...:

CBD Mediq - All types of CBD products available at our stall including, resins, extractions, oitments, food

Life's Simple Design - Bio Glitter for pre purchase and event delivery

Earth Sense Organics - Organic costetics for pre purchase and event delivery

Mawuli Ethiopie - African products available at our stall

BaBa Creations - Fun and party non-gendered clothes, unique pieces and accessories available at our stall

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CBD Mediq

CBD Mediq is a 100% French  company , which aims to make CBD accessible for all budgets and to all people who would like to benefit from its well-being and its virtues. We want to offer Maison Detre guests diverse and varied CBD-based products of premium quality  and at the  best price  !

CBD Mediq primarily targets THC addiction, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and joint and muscle pain.

We provide you with CBD in seven different forms to be able to respond to all your requests, and we are very happy to support Maison Detre this year for your fabulous event.
CBD Mediq is a wellness company specializing in CBD!!! Make sure you visit our stall!!

CBD - Mediq will be on site each day for you to purchase items from their website, if your are English, simply choose to translate the website within your browser - easy peasy!

Life's Simple Design - Biodegradable plastic free glitter kits 

Sparkly fun but better! Bioglitter® 

Keep shining and keep your sparkle with plant based glitter - Bioglitter® 


We are really excited to welcome Life's Simple Design into our Maison Detre family in 2024, as their ethos of sustainability and ecology protection fits beatifully with our own Eco-consious event.

There are a variety of products available on their website, all focussed on the glittery element of dance music and wonderful exuberance! The important thing is that all their products have been specially designed to be eco friendly and biodegradable. This means that polution of the gorgeous Chateau grounds will be minimised by the use of their products, something which we heartily support.

Even better, there is a special Maison Detre discount code you can apply to your purchases to make it even more appealing for you.

Although they will not be joining us in Nantes this year, if you order online and select the appropriate delivery method, you can collect from ourselves directly at the event!

Heres the details:

1) Order products direct from the website (link below) and use code MDEMP2024 to get 20% discount at checkout 
2)    Add your chosen products to the cart & go to checkout
3)    Delivery – in the Delivery section select: Pick up from Store. Under pickup locations select Maison d'Être - Your Reason For Being - House.Dance.France.
5)    Pay for order and collect from Mike Parkinson at the event.

What could be easier!


Organically produced cosmetics & skincare

Earth sense logo.jpg

Earth Sense Organics was founded in 2017 by Andrew & Lisa Crowe a husband-and-wife team based in Carcassonne South West France.

Whilst working in the UK for many years Andrew was a surfactant chemicals specialist, these are the chemicals that make up cosmetics and cleaning products. He would work with the European manufacturers of these products, finding out the new technologies and upon returning to the UK, formulate these new chemicals in to products for consumers. Andrew has formulated for many large high street brands as well as specialist companies.

Earth Sense Organics was started so that they could uniquely produce high-quality cosmetic products but without the man made chemicals, many that use palm oil and are high carbon usage during manufacture.

Looking back to traditional, generational solutions for cosmetics that use only ingredients that are direct from the plant, not manufactured or changed. No preservatives, colours, perfumes or fillers are used. Purely what nature provides.

Using the years of formulation knowledge and learning gained from asking people all over the world what traditional products they have used for generations, they have formulated a luxury range of skin, hair and body care that has amazing performance with the minimal amount of impact to our planet. Everything is handmade artisan produced in our own labs with the greatest care and attention to quality.

Taking the eco-responsibility further they have committed to zero waste 100% recyclable packaging solutions, taking full responsibility for the packaging they produce.

Ingredients are selected for the quality and method of production, mainly buying either direct from the producer of with selected certified partners ensuring fair trade and the absolute best for the products.

Lisa has spent many years as a veterinary professional, teacher and consultant for global NGO’s. Lisa’s uses these skills and knowledge to ensure quality systems and certification to the highest global standards. She instigated that on top of the natural, from nature, no man made and zero waste for the products, everything would carry the highest certifications in Europe. Earth Sense Organics are the first brand in Europe to be fully certified as certified as Palm Oil Free, and certified COSMOS Organic, approved Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free. Quite an achievement.

Earth Sense Organics will always be looking at improving and designing new products that follow the strict eco-responsible and ethical commitments of the brand, looking to nature to provide the solutions to the problems and respecting our planet.

ORDER BY 9th MAY 2024 

Handmade organic & natural body & hair care

1) Order products. Use code MDEMP2024 to get 20% discount at checkout 

2) Add products to your cart (if a product you are trying to order is not available then please contact us so we can add to the catalogue for this event) & go to checkout


3) Delivery – in the Delivery section select: Pick up from Store. Under pickup locations select Maison d'Être - Your Reason For Being - House.Dance.France.


4) Pay for order and collect from Mike Parkinson at the event.


lip balms, deo, body balm, butter and insect (sprays and balm) are all listed.


These are the products we would take with us to a weekend festival 😁😁😁

Enjoy Summer Fr.png
Lip balm general 4.jpg
Insect Balm.jpeg
warming Balm 2.jpg
Deo Jasmin Logos.jpg

Solidarity shop

Pascal logo.png

In addition to Pascal's food truck catering for Breakfasts, Coffee & Tea each day at Maison Detre, in his stall he is also offering accessories from his Ethiopian bussiness Mawuli Ethiopie, highlighting Ethiopian producers and artisans .

All the products sold are fair trade and he knows the artisans or producers personally.

Clothing (men & women)
Arts & Crafts

Leather Goods

and of course, a wonderful chat in French or English!


Party Wear

logo horizontal.jpg

BaBa is created by Baptiste Pichaud, producing  party-to-wear products:

kimonos, balaclavas, sun hats, Thaï trousers, tops, leggings, harnesses...

Those are fun clothes, non-gendered, unique pieces or limited editions, for parties and for everyday wear.


In his workshop in Nantes, he is inspired by dance and art scene, manufactured with new and recycled fabrics.


Since 2018, with love, always…

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