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Food & Drinks

These items are managed by a simple token system, where you will choose your meal or drink choice in the cashiers tent, pay with Euros in cash only and then visit the appropriate stall to exchange your token for your purchase. Multiple tokens can be purchased at the same time to save you carrying around cash, with any tokens left over on Monday, being able to be cashed in for 100% of their original value. No card purchases, sorry.


We are excited this year to welcome two specialist food trucks to Maison D'etre, carefully selected to offer you a superb range of meals throughout the day, covering breakfasts, lunch and dinner : Chti Yonnais and Mawuli Ethiopie.

Mawuli Ethiopie

Mawuli Ethiopie is ownerd and run by Pascal who offers vegetarian food through producers he knows himself and some dishes that are vegan (meat eaters are covered at the other food truck Chti Yonnais).

In addition to the food offering Mawuli Ethiopie will also be offering you taditional English Tea but also a range of African tea infusions and African coffee beans, roasted right in front of you, served throughout the day.

Furthermore, Pascal will also be offering you traditional African goods to purchase and take away with you, including those special coffee and teas.

Chti Yonnais

Owned and operated by Franck, his team presents to you a bistro style high class steak hache burger and frite option at Maison D'etre, to be cooked to your preference but rare is the french way! The speciality frites are "belgian frites" which are renouned for their great taste and crispyness. Franck also offers fish and a vegetarian option too.


We have a wide range of chilled and non chilled drinks, again carfeully selected to offer you a varied choice which is in line with the venue's limited alcohol licence, so we are unable to offer spirits in 2024. Although there is no ban on your own drinks being brought in, there will be nowhere for you to chill them on site in what we all hope will be a very hot temperature as was 2023. It is hoped that you will choose to our selection, available from our stocked bar, the proceeds of which go to help fund the presentation of the event to you.

Coq Hardi French Draught Beer

Loire Valley Local Draught Cider

Desperados bottle 33cl

Goudale French Speciality Beer bottle 33cl 

1664 French Beer bottle 33cl

Tourtel twist Cirtron bottle 33cl-Alc free

Tourtel twist AGR bottle 33cl-Alc Free

Coca Cola  Max per serving

Coca Cola per serving

Schwepps lemonade 25cl Cannette

Schwepps orange 25cl Cannette

Water (l'eau)-still bottle 50cl

Water (l'eau) -still bottle 1L

Tropicana Orange Juice per serving

Perrier French Sparkling Water 25cl Cannette

Panache (French Shandy) bottle 25cl

Prosecco 75cl bottle

Champagne 75cl bottle

Chateau local Red Wine by the 75cl bottle or per serving

Chateau Local Rose Wine by the 75cl bottle or per serving

Chateau Local White Chardonnay Wine by the 75cl bottle or per serving

Chateau Local White Muscadet Wine by the 75cl bottle or per serving

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