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There are several options for you to choose to ensure your stay matches your needs and requirements. See below for what the options are.

What is Available?

The camping area within the Chateau grounds and a layout map is available at the bottom of the home page. Toilets and showers will be free to use 24hrs a day during the event. Seperate toilets will also be available within the performance areas.

Your own tent or Motorhome

Your "per person event ticket" offers you a FREE camp spot or pitch for your own tent or motorhome within the Chateau grounds, allocated on a first come first served basis and the location within the camping area is up to you! 

Le Relax room costs.jpg

As well as AirB&Bs of course, there are also local hotels that you may wish to choose. These would need to be booked directly yourself as we have no involvement.


If you are staying away from the Chateau, to get you to and from the event there is a limited taxi service which will probably require pre-booking (we will provide this number via WhatsApp in our event group in due course).

Our recommended Hotel Le Relax,  basic, but also very cheap and clean (2km from Chateau, too long to walk). It is basically a truck stop but don’t be fooled though, the French treat their lorry drivers as hero’s! Many of the set up and strike teams will be staying there pre and post event. The food is superb both evening and breakfast and the owners and the other guests have always been welcoming and speak English as good as you or me! There's usually great conversation and banter from drivers at the bar from around the world, and terrific food, all with vin rouge - bien sur! TO BOOK? see below...


Le Relax update 15.05.24 due to the high numbers of people wanting rooms here, we have decided in conjunction with the hotel Le Relax, to collate all your bookings into one and place your reservations ourselves on your behalf. This means that we can be assured of accomodation for you, our guests. All you have to do is email Mike at say if you want a single, double, twin, triple or quad room and what dates you want to stay. Mike will then handle the reservation for you and you pay the hotel on your arrival. Prices on the left are 2023 prices so there may be a small increase. Requests by any other method will not be actioned tia.

Hotel Restaurant Pont Senard. Mid priced and about 4km from the Chateau.

Hotel Best Western in Clisson (about 10km from the Chateau), very nice hotel and unique scenery facing the big Chateau of Clisson  Premium priced.

And of course if you are driving whatever you can find on that more closely fits your needs is totally fine with us!

The Chateau itself has a very limited number of rooms (like 6), which have already been reserved by event guests.

If you choose to fly into Nantes International airport, then as per the ticket options show, you may choose to purchase our discounted transfer service there and back. The other option of course is subject to your flight timetable is to spend another day or so In beautiful Nantes. It really is a stunning city and you'd really enjoy a stay there, we know. The other option of course is to take advantage of the FREE camping pitch for your tent or motorhome at the Chateau. You could also hire a motorhome (campingcar in France) from Nantes and drive to the Chateau. This will also give you the flexibility of moving around before or after Maison Detre, and explore a little. Plus it may make it possible to secure the best flight prices too. The other option is to drive from England and of course this is possible (Eurostar Calais is a long way away) so Portsmouth to Dieppe/ Caen or St Malo is suggested, its then only a 2.5hr drive to the Chateau from there but to be honest, flying will be the easiest in our opinion.

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